Terms and Conditions

Grant of Rights: Romina Wendell (Licensor) represents and warrants she is the owner of the photographs available for licensing on the Nexia design web site. She holds all copyright for the images and retains all rights, including those not expressed in the agreement such as advertising rights. The licensor has the unrestricted rights to grant their license for use.

Terms of Use: Purchaser of photographs (Licensee) from the Nexia Design web site enter into the this agreement in good faith and photograph licenses are for either personal or commercial use. In regards to commercial use the photographs must be incorporated into larger projects, products or presentations. The use of the photograph by the licensee does not signify endorsement for the product, service or message by the licensor, and licensees may not transfer the license to other parties without written permission from the licensor.

Licensor grants the usage rights of the image purchased on the Nexia Design Website to the licensee for either one of the following uses in correspondence with the purchase price selected:

Editorial: Image is used primarily for journalistic or educational purposes in newspapers, magazines (print and online), text books, non-profit or educational websites and not for profit personal websites and blogs.
Commercial: Image is used to sell or promote a product, service, or idea. Advertising, marketing, and promotional for corporate and governmental agencies fall under this category as do film, web or tv projects and web apps.

Licensor grants the license for images purchased on the Nexia Design website for an unlimited time period to the licensee.

This license is non-exclusive, and the licensor may assign additional licenses to other parties during the execution of this agreement.