Moonhill Gardens cultivates with care and builds abundance through ecologically sensitive stewardship and regenerative organic gardening techniques. I am the land steward and guesthouse host for Moonhill Gardens.


Nature Photography

The wild and domesticated ecological mix of Pacific Northwest gardens from bloom to seed are captured through the camera lens.

Majie.ca Artist Web Site

Web Development

As a freelance web designer and developer from 2007 to 2017, I had the privilege of lending my creativity and technical skills towards building sites for a progressive and diverse clientele.


Spinning Drum

Sharing music has always been a mainstay in my life, and I have found a diverse array of outlets for composition, curation, and performance.

The Beatrix Generation Album Cover

The Beatrix Generation

The Beatrix Generation is a product of 5 years of wood-shedding, leaving the city’s edge and going country with music as a mate.

Elevation Album Cover


Energizing and exploratory, Elevation weaves a hypnotic groove through a beat-driven and mood-shifting soundscape.


Eating Sunlight

The exhibition and performance captured in this short video from the Eating Sunlight show September 2nd to the 6th 2016.