Electronic music composer and producer Romina Jones crafts groove-driven compositions that combine playful piano/synth melodies, driving bass lines and hypnotic rhythms. Rooted in her passion for weaving the drum beat into the many emotional shades of the human experience, Jones blends her technique as a sound designer and musician into a mind bending and mood-shifting sonic journey. Her latest album, Elevation, is both energizing and exploratory. Full of thick bass lines, layered rhythms and spontaneous melodies, from the jump-up beats of Tweezer to the bossa for robots of Palms and Tiaras and the space age dub of Twilight Orange, Elevation moves through a mood-shifting and expansive sonic territory.

Jones describes her own childhood as one with a boundary-less soundtrack, “late nights dancing to Michael Jackson, mornings mixed with Motown and afternoons soaked in Spanish guitar.” Her mother’s extensive record collection, which ranged from early Elvis Presley to live recordings of electronica pioneer Isao Tomita, set a musical foundation that fostered later teenage discoveries of artists such as Tangerine Dream, Bob Marley, Violent Femmes, Ommou Sangare and Peter Gabriel, to name a few. “From tape, to record, to cd and back to records, I have always collected music. I have always sought music from around the world and am especially drawn to what sits on the electronic edge.”

Her love of and dedication to travel during her twenties brought diverse world rhythms into her ears. Places like India, Kenya, Turkey, Morocco, and Jamaica left her with a global perspective on both music and culture. Jones’ time living in the UK during the early nineties placed rave culture and techno music deep into her mental mix. When she got her bachelor degree in Anthropology, Jones focused her studies on dance music culture and technology. Becoming a collector and taste-maker in the electronica genre, Jones also put her musical passions to pen for eight years writing electronica reviews for Canada’s Exclaim! Magazine. “I got to listen to a lot of independent artists in electronica, and this can’t help but open your mind to how diverse this type of music can be, how innovative and how expansive it is.”

Jones’s own musical study started at four-years old with piano lessons that led to voice study at a music conservatory; however, she did not feel sparked to move from player and collector to creator and producer until at 29 she got her first set of technics turntables. Collaging sounds on what she called the spinning drum, Jones began to see music from new angles. “Our musical history had become its own language constantly being re-textured and re-contextualized in the art of the remix.”

As DJ Andabeat, Jones played clubs, raves and street parties in Vancouver and British Columbia. A founding member of the Vancouver turntable quartet the Revolutionists, Jones refined her mixing and scratching skills on top of the group’s multi-layered jump-up sets at parties and festivals. Discovering her passion for investigating the many possibilities of sound, her command of the turntables turned her into an in-demand DJ, and the art of scratching and sampling moved her into the path of music composition and production.

Romina On Piano


Energizing and exploratory, Elevation weaves a hypnotic groove through a beat-driven and mood-shifting soundscape. Unbound by genre Elevation renews Jones’ love of thick bass lines, layered rhythms and spontaneous melodies that take the listener on a sonic journey. From the jump-up rhythms of Tweezer to the celebratory groove of Holiday, from the bossa for robots of Palms and Tiaras to the space age dub of Twilight Orange, Elevation moves energetically lifting both feet and spirit through an expansive electronica territory.

The Beatrix Generation

The Beatrix Generation is a product of 5 years of wood-shedding, leaving the city’s edge and going country with music as mate. Five years chopping wood, planting kale, writing beats and looking for harmony, finding it laced to rhythms born under full moons, inside early dawn jams and woven into late night keyboard solos.

Whenever I caught a groove I followed it. Through that journey I found myself reconnecting to a lifetime of listening, sometimes leading me to the sonic palettes of Bluetech, Amon Tobin, The Heliocentrics and Leila Bloom amongst many. The Beatrix Generation is an electric and organic groove-driven snapshot of a musical time and place, born from both synth and soul.

Available for free download at rominajones.bandcamp.com/album/elevation and streaming on all major platforms look under Artist Romina Jones – Soundcloud, GooglePlay, Jango, Deezer & Spotify.