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Romina at the Turntables

Spinning Drum

Dedicated to all under the expansive electronica music genre Spinning Drum is a music blog, music and playlist respository

Romina by Bus

Thinking Like A Village

Keeping the vision large and the footprint small, Thinking Like A Village is a repository for reflections and experiences living in a village on a remote west coast island. People and place captured in words, photographs and videos are the cornerstones of the blog as I explore the country lifestyle in a modern context. Rural living, village affairs, and the creative spirit are themes woven through the video, photos and words couched in my own experience living a wild and wired. Though country rooted, I set many digital branches outward as a free lance multi-media producer, and you can check out more of my photography/videos along with portfolio at nexiadesign.com . My music is available to listen to and download at spinningdrum.com. You can keep in touch with me on Twitter and Instagram.



Elevation Album Cover

Elevation Album

Released in May, Elevation weaves a hypnotic groove through a beat-driven and mood-shifting soundscape. Unbound by genre Elevation renews my love of thick bass lines, layered rhythms and spontaneous melodies that take the listener on a sonic journey. From the jump-up rhythms of Tweezer to the celebratory groove of Holiday, from the bossa for robots of Palms and Tiaras to the space age dub of Twilight Orange, Elevation moves energetically lifting both feet and spirit through an expansive electronica territory. Available for free download at https://rominajones.bandcamp.com/album/elevation and streaming on all major platforms look under Artist Romina Jones – Soundcloud, GooglePlay, Jango, Deezer & Spotify.