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Nexia Design

A place to gather, catalogue present and archive all current and past projects. Nexus point to web sites, materials and resources that I have had the privilege of contributing in the past as well as a look to future goals and projects.

Romina at the Turntables

Spinning Drum

Dedicated to all under the expansive electronica music genre Spinning Drum is a music blog, music and playlist respository

Romina by Bus

Thinking Like A Village

Keeping the vision large and the footprint small, Thinking Like A Village is a repository for reflections and experiences living in a village on a remote west coast island. People and place captured in words, photographs and videos are the cornerstones of the blog as I explore the country lifestyle in a modern context. Rural living, village affairs, and the creative spirit are themes woven through the video, photos and words couched in my own experience living a wild and wired. Though country rooted, I set many digital branches outward as a free lance multi-media producer, and you can check out more of my photography/videos along with portfolio at nexiadesign.com . My music is available to listen to and download at spinningdrum.com. You can keep in touch with me on Twitter and Instagram.