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Pensado’s, Tools and Takeaways

Christmas came early. I woke with a free VST (software synth) offer on my Facebook wall, some friends know the right gifts. Within 10 minutes I was downloading and my eye wandering the Facebook page. An Arturia Virtual Instrument post touting half price VSTS sat smack in the middle of my page. Underneath it sat a debate I forgot still took hold of some producer’s minds.
This seemed a carry over from a little law that exists on many a music producer forums. Thou shall not make an approving post about VSTS without being reminded of the sanctity of knobs and voltage. (more…)

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Why I like The New Google Plus

Bam redesign. I didn’t even see it coming. Maybe I wasn’t paying attention but it arrived after an incidental refresh and it took all of 8 minutes to get used to it. I like it and can present it as Exhibit A of the eventual omnipotence that will be Google.

Single column, double column, who cares? Yes I am saying this as a designer. It’s responsive and can be alternated with a click of an icon. Layout trends are like seasonal runway designs. To me It is functionality and ease that steers the user experience. That there is a lot of white space, hard corners and understated icons is again runway fashion, it’ll change as soon as you accept it. It’s like a rule of digital life. What it does do is demonstrate a direction that moves from minimal to invisible. Ultimately leading the G+ user to view the platform like a fish views water. Building on its ubiquitous nature, Google’s future success and omnipotent potential lies in the less we think it’s there.